Romesh Ranganathan and his mum are filming new ITV quiz show

Romesh Ranganathan is working on a new primetime comedy quiz show credit:Bang Showbiz
Romesh Ranganathan is working on a new primetime comedy quiz show credit:Bang Showbiz

Romesh Ranganathan and his mum are working on a new primetime ITV quiz show.

The 'Weakest Link' host and mum Shanthi have worked together on a number of TV projects in the past, and they are once again joining forces on new comedy programme 'Parent Guidance'.

The show will film its pilot in London next month, as contestants place their fortunes "in the hands of those supposed to know them best ... their parents".

Producers have teased: "It won’t just be the players’ general knowledge getting scrutinised – keeping a watchful eye and putting Romesh in his place will be his own mum Shanthi."

Last year, several non-broadcast runthroughs were held in London, and the show will be filmed at Versa London Studios on March 1.

People hoping to get a sneak peak can apply for free audience tickets via SRO Audiences.

Shanti has appeared with Romesh in five seasons of BBC Two topical comedy show 'The Ranganation', as well as travelogue 'Asian Provocateur'.

She's also joined him on various panel shows, including 'QI', 'A League of Their Own' and more.

Romesh previously piloted 'Parental Guidance' as a sitcom for BBC Radio 2, and even developed it into a programme for BBC One.

Although that version never went past the idea stage, he was set to star alongside Guz Khan and Amanda Abbington.

Meanwhile, the show also shares a name with his 'Romantic Getaway' co-star Katherine Ryan's documentary series 'Parental Guidance', which launched on the W channel this week.

Romesh recently revealed his jokes have got him in trouble with other children's parents at school, after he offended them with some of his dry quips.

He told 'This Morning': "I have got into trouble in the past, when I go to drop the kids off at soft play, parents come and talk to me and I have said on stage, 'I don't care about other people's children, I'm just there for mine'.

"And then I went to a kid's birthday party and these parents came up and said, 'we'd tell you how we were doing Romesh, but you clearly don't care.' "