Rose McGowan tears up when admitting her sister said they weren’t related

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Rose McGowan appeared on The View  to discuss her upcoming book “Brave” and the struggles she has faced since her encounter with Harvey Weinstein 20 years ago.

After accusing Weinstein of rape, which he had denied, McGowan was given  unflattering labels that her sister tried to avoid. McGowan admits that she was identified as this crazy off-balance woman, so during that time when her sister was asked if they were related, McGowan’s sister would say they were not related. McGowan now realizes that her sister did not do it in a mean way, but at the time, McGowan says, “I just came with so much baggage.”

McGowan revealed that the man she refers to as the monster, aka Weinstein, reached out to her following the incident 20 years ago in his hotel room. She alleges that three days after the encounter, Weinstein left her a voicemail and her only reaction to the call was to sink to the floor and vomit on herself.

McGowan continues her fight but still has issues with the legal system about the allegations against Weinstein. She voiced her concerns by saying, “I still don’t understand why legally nothing’s happened to him yet. This is a bad human being.”

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