Rum Cakes Are A Fun, Unique Way To Send A Long Distance Treat

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In every household, there is the inevitable argument about what treat to serve for the holiday season. But while it may not have the decadence of death by chocolate or the classic feel of apple pie, rum cake should be the dark horse for any festivity. Containing the necessary ingredients for any cake, such as flour, eggs, and butter, its titular component is what makes this dessert so fun.

By soaking the fruit ingredients in rum for months ahead of time, this cake turns into a moist and spicy treat for any occasion. Rum cake, otherwise known as black cake, is a common staple for Jamaican celebrations such as holidays and weddings. An apt tradition considering the alcohol content in the cake. While you shouldn't believe the rum cake myth that the contents can get you drunk, the addition of the rum does bring a level of spices not present in other holiday treats. It is the perfect option if you are looking for an out-of-the-box gift for your loved ones. Sending food through the mail is a tradition long honored for holidays, but rum cake will bring the participants something unexpected. Unlike your stale Christmas cookies, rum cake will bring a little spice to your life with little concern over shipping risks.

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Rum Cake Is Ideal For Gift Giving

rum and cake ingredients
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Whether you're celebrating at home with family or left to your own devices, rum cake can be a welcome treat. These spice levels bring holiday cheer that is not present in other holiday delights. You could send the standard fare through the mail to loved ones, but rum cake is more bang for your buck. Whenever sending any food product through the mail, you need to be wary of region-specific shipping regulations. Food, in particular, can be a little suspect, considering the necessary guidelines in place. The United States Postal Service instills some of these rules to ensure all food will be shipped in stable condition. But with rum cake, there is little to no concern about the product going bad.

The shining joy present in the ingredients is exactly what makes the cake so long-lasting. The alcohol in the fruit acts as a preserving agent for the dessert. Other treats, like the classic American icebox cake, need to be refrigerated immediately. Rum cake, on the other hand, has the enviable ability to survive a long journey away from the kitchen. When your friends or family receive a rum cake present this year, you will be giving them the gift of a fully realized treat with no risk of deterioration while en route.

Ensure Your Rum Cake Arrives Safely

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In order for your recipient to enjoy the benefits of your kitchen labor, the package must get there safely. Ensuring that your rum cake is properly packaged and delivered is the first step. Some sort of metal container like a tin is the best option to send any type of food item. This way the cake will keep its shape while in transit. Once it arrives safely, the world is your oyster. Rum cake is incredibly versatile, as it can be served chilled, and it's equally delicious at room temperature. The dessert keeps so well because it doesn't need to be refrigerated. In fact, it can last up to 10 days as long as you store it in an air-tight container.

This is one of the reasons why it has become so popular over the centuries. The origins of the cake stem back to the days of colonization. A reinvention of British figgy pudding, bakers in the Caribbean added rum and tonka beans to create black cake. Soaking ingredients in sugar and alcohol was an inspired way to preserve the cake -- in fact, if it is soaked in alcohol weekly, it can last for months. Now, generations later, these traditions are still upheld to produce an enduring cake perfect for gift-giving.

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