Rumer Willis shares gorgeous breastfeeding photo for International Women’s Day

Rumer Willis breastfeeding
Rumer Willis/Instagram

Rumer Willis seems to be soaking up new motherhood with her baby girl Louetta, honoring her daughter by sharing a gorgeous breastfeeding picture in celebration of International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8.

The actress shared the shot on Instagram, posing topless as she cradles her 10-month-old, who is turned away from the camera and appears to be nursing. “Love of my life…..happy international women’s day,” she captioned the post.

While many commenters gushed over the sweet photo, plenty came through with comments criticizing the 35-year-old for not “keeping things private”—the same criticisms lobbed at her mom, Demi Moore, when she famously posed on the cover of Vanity Fair pregnant with Willis’ younger sister, Scout LaRue Willis, in 1991.

“What is the need to show photos like this but not one of the face of your baby,” wrote one person. “I breastfed my two boys….. Back then women didn’t feel the need to constantly show their big pregnant bellies or show they are breast feeding. Not sure what all that is??? It’s been going on since forever….. just wondering why some things just can’t stay a bit private.”

Rumer experienced much of the same commentary on a separate IWD post with a sex toy giveaway, because apparently mothers can’t do anything that reminds the world they’re sexual beings or are visibly pregnant without fellow women clutching their pearls. “Some stigmas are good and exist for a reason,” one woman (inexplicably) mused. “You need money that bad to lower yourself as a woman to promote sex toys and you are a mother how sad are you,” graciously commented another. “I prefer some things to stay where they are. Nobody else’s business. But that’s me. My private life will always be mine,” added yet another. Which is great for her! But genuinely, who asked? LOL.

As for Rumer, she rightfully remained unbothered by it all, joining her mom and sisters Scout and Tallulah Willis days later for the ultimate full-circle moment—and total flex—on the red carpet of, you guessed it, the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. The foursome looked glam in their gowns, with Rumer seemingly having a blast during her “Night Out with my Favorite Women


,” as she captioned her post.