Rumour: Christian Bale back for Batman?

Christopher Nolan in talks to take over Justice League movie.

Christopher Nolan is rumoured to be in talks to take control of the ‘Justice League’ movie project,

According to scoop-site Latino Review, the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy director has entered negotiations with Warner Bros. to have complete creative control over their DC Universe projects.

But hold on onto your capes: Nolan’s appointment would reportedly secure Christian Bale's return to play the Dark Knight.

Holy wishful thinking Batman!

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Back in bat? Bale's rumoured return (Credit: Warner Bros.)
A Latin Review video reports: “Christopher Nolan has completely taken over the DCU at Warner Bros.  Anything having to do with these super heroes, goes through him now.”

This would mean that Nolan could now be producing the troubled ‘Justice league’ movie project – apparently with Superman partner Zack Snyder in tow:

“So like with ‘Man of Steel’, [Nolan's] going to be involved with godfathering/producing while Zack Snyder will be co-producing and will possibly be the director,” the report continues.

The deal, which would see ‘Dark Knight’ franchise co-exist in the same story-verse as ‘Man Of Steel’ (a trick Marvel learnt to do with their individual ‘Avenger’ movies) – would reportedly pave the way for actor Christian Bale to return to Bruce Wayne:

“They’re shaping this as a vehicle for Christian Bale,’ say Latino Review, “to reprise his role as Batman and join Henry Cavill‘s Superman in the Justice League movie.”

It’s a tough sell, but after the news last month that Warner Bros. had “thrown out” ‘Gangster Squad’ scribe Will Beale’s ‘Justice League’ script, this rumour could be the first positive news the DC heroes have had for a while.

Latino Review is known for its Marvel Universe scoops. Still, Nolan had previously stated that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was “definitely the end” of his Batman story – so treat this with your best cynic-goggles for the time being.

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