Rumour: Denzel Washington to play Green Lantern?

Ben Bussey
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Rumour: Denzel Washington to play Green Lantern?

COMMENT | Prepare for the latest 'Batman vs. Superman' rumour: it has been claimed that Denzel Washington is in line to play Green Lantern in the Warner Bros/DC 2015 superhero team-up movie.

The Oscar-winning superstar was already rumoured to be a potential Lex Luthor, before Joaquin Phoenix emerged as the most hotly tipped contender for that role (another rumour which, it should be stressed, remains unconfirmed).

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Now, Nuke the Fridge cites an unnamed source who tells them "the "Training Day" actor is being considered for the role of Green Lantern John Stewart instead."

For the benefit of those less familiar with how Green Lantern works - unlike Superman or Batman, the title of Green Lantern is passed on to numerous different people at different times. Whilst Ryan Reynolds played the Hal Jordan Green Lantern in the 2011 movie, Washington would be up for the more recent incarnation of John Stewart. (No, not that guy off 'The Daily Show.')

Common almost portrayed John Stewart in the aborted 2008 'Justice League' movie, whilst Idris Elba has subsequently expressed possible interest in the role.

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Does it seem likely that such a highly acclaimed, long established Hollywood superstar as Denzel Washington would be cast in what will likely be a minor role in an already crowded big budget superhero movie? Perhaps not - but then, who among us would have believed this time six months ago that Ben Affleck would be cast as Batman?

On the one hand it isn't too hard to see Washington taking the role. He's always balanced out his work in upmarket, serious drama with an unabashed love for low-brow popcorn movies; take his recent turn alongside Mark Wahlberg in '2 Guns.'

On the other hand, given that the actor just turned 59 (today, in fact - happy birthday, Mr. Washington!), he would have quite a few years on his 'Batman vs. Superman' co-stars Ben Affleck (41), Henry Cavill (30) and Gal Gadot (28). Still, it's fair to say Washington could easily pass for a fortysomething.

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Ultimately, it all depends on the vision director Zack Snyder and writer David Goyer have for John Stewart. It has been widely declared that Affleck fits their take on Batman as a well-established veteran superhero within this story world; perhaps the same will be true of this Green Lantern.

Either way, if this does prove to be true, and Green Lantern will indeed appear alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman - not to mention The Flash, who remains uncast thus far - we do have to wonder whether this still-untitled movie will prove to be a full-blown 'Justice League,' as opposed to the 'Batman vs. Superman' we've been expecting.

Do you think Denzel Washington would be a good fit for John Stewart? Let us know in the comments.

Ben Bussey is a freelance writer and comic book movie/horror/sci-fi fantasy enthusiast, and he's looking forward to seeing how 'Batman vs. Superman' turns out. (He also hopes they stick with that title.)

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