Rumour: The Rock, Bruce Willis For Transformers 5?

‘Transformers 5’ will see the franchise undergo some huge changes, especially since Michael Bay has departed.

But rumours have started to circulate that it will get a boost from two cinematic powerhouses in the shape of Bruce Willis and Dwayne The Rock Johnson.


Wrestling Inc has alleged that numerous reports suggesting that the former WWE star and ‘Die Hard’ actor might be teaming up for the film have been doing the rounds across the Internet.

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While there doesn’t seem to be any clear-cut evidence that this might actually be the case it kind of makes sense.

Michael Bay’s decision to leave the’ Transformers’ series after working on the first four films, which have collectively made over $3.7 billion, has led to suggestions that Mark Wahlberg might follow him out of the franchise too.

Wahlberg only decided to work alongside the likes of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee after he had starred in Michael Bay’s ‘Pain & Gain’. Now that he has left you can understand why Wahlberg might follow suit.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson could certainly benefit from being the new face of the franchise though. While he has steadily starred in a number of impressive blockbusters that have, for the most part, been successful, his stature would rise even further if he took over the ‘Transformers.’


Plus his charisma, presence and style would fit nicely with the films, and it he would also be able to propel it into a new trajectory especially now that Michael Bay has left.

Meanwhile Bruce Willis is still Bruce Willis. And any action film starring John McClane is immediately ten times better. Except for ‘Live Free And Die Hard’ and ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ that is.

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Image credits: Paramount