Rush: Intense new UK trailer

Mark Lankester

The new UK trailer for upcoming ‘Rush’ has sped online, giving us an intense insight into Ron Howard’s adrenalin fueled Formula One epic.

Check it out.

[Niki Lauda: “Another 10 seconds in there and I would have been dead.”]

Starring Thor himself, Marvel's 'Avengers'' Chris Hemsworth, and ‘Inglourious Basterds' actor Daniel Brühl, ‘Rush’ follows the real-life story of the near legendary 1976 Formula One season. Two iconic drivers, Brit playboy James Hunt and Austrian icon Niki Lauda, locked horns in the race for the World championship, but following a catastrophic crash that almost killed him, Lauda returns to the circuit with more than just his rival to beat.

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It’s the stuff of motor racing lore, and already a contender for best sports movie of recent years. Yup, we’re excited.

‘Rush’, co-starring Olivia Wilde, Natalie Dormer and Alexandra Maria Lara, is out in the UK 13 September 2013.