Russell Crowe changed ending of new movie at last minute

Russell Crowe changed the ending of his new movie at the last minute.

The 59-year-old actor stars in 'Sleeping Dogs' as an ex-homicide detective with a fractured memory alongside Karen Gillan and director Adam Cooper revealed Crowe shocked him by insisting he wanted to rewrite the ending.

He told Collider: "Yeah, the whole end of the movie. I remember the day when we were shooting the final triangle standoff... Russell showed up that morning, we had two days to shoot that scene, and he was like, 'I don't like the scene'. And so I spent, I think, five hours in his trailer with him and we pretty much rewrote the whole scene. So that.

"You know, I also remember the very first scene where Karen's character meets Harry Greenwood's character, where Richard first meets Laura. That scene was originally written that Richard walks up to Laura sitting at the punch table and all the lines that Richard currently says in the scene were lines that Laura had previously said in the scene, and I think two days before, we completely flipped the scene."

Karen also admitted it was difficult to get her 'Sleeping Dogs' character, researcher and femme fatale Laura Baine, right.

She said: "It was hard. It was hard to pitch this character because she's kind of a different person, not every time you see her, but quite a lot. I wanted her to have a slight sort of affectation to her as a vibe, like it's slightly affected, it's slightly put on. I think I know who she is underneath it all, but I think as a means of survival, she sort of takes on these characters and I think she's been watching YouTube. Does the timeline match up with YouTube? Does YouTube exist in the world of Sleeping Dogs? Okay! She watches YouTube videos of intellectuals and sort of emulates them, I think."