Russell Crowe shares biggest regrets of his life

Russell Crowe has opened up on the biggest regrets of his life - but adds he is happy he has screwed up on occasion.

The 60-year-old actor has been in the spotlight since the 1970s having made his screen debut as a child as his family worked in the moving pictures industry.

Reflecting on his life so far, the Kiwi actor explained to GQ that he has regrets - but appreciates the life lessons he has learned from them.

He said, "I'm in awe of people these days who say, 'I have no regrets'. Really? Not one single thing you ever did. Right? You're so f**king perfect. I've got a s**t ton of regrets."

Giving examples, he continued, "An angry word, an overreaction, a missed opportunity for friendship - lots of things like that. But all of those things are in perspective, because I've done lots of really cool s**t too."

Russell argued, "My regrets are, in a way, badges of honour. Having the ability to have that introspection and go, 'You know, the other day you were a f**king d**k, mate. Do your best not to be a f**king d**k like that again.'"

The Gladiator star went on to say he has "only one" regret on the career front, but refused to name the project.

He teased, "It was a biopic of a musician that I love. I kind of felt there was a cheating aspect to it, you know. It would put me in a position from a music career perspective that I wouldn't have earned."