Russell Crowe In Twitter Rant Over Hoverboard Ban

Ben Arnold
UK Movies Writer

Russell Crowe has slated Virgin Australia, after his children were stopped from taking their hoverboards on a flight.

The ‘Gladiator’ star took to Twitter to vent his anger, as his family headed off on holiday:

Safety warnings concerning the motorised boards, which have sold millions around the world over Christmas, have been issued after some units caught fire while charging.

Virgin Australia responded to Crowe’s criticisms, saying: “Hi Russell, due to safety concerns over the lithium ion batteries in hoverboards these have been banned on all major Australian airlines and many around the world.

“We’re sorry you were not aware of this prior to check-in today. We hope to see you on board again soon.”

Similar rulings banning the boards had been announced by airlines including Emirates, American Airlines and Quantas before Christmas.

Crowe then replied: “Why did you not inform me when I booked my ticket? Where is your duty of responsibility in this?”

They later replied that he should have been made aware of the new ruling through ‘reminder emails you will have received. We have also communicated this on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the media. We understand your frustration, however please appreciate that safety is our number one priority’.

Weighing in, comedian Joel Creasy: “You’re a millionare, babe. Get some perspective (sic).”

Crowe wasn’t too impressed with the remark, however, answering: “I’m a father Joel, with two kids at an airport, trying to start our holiday.”

Amazon pulled hoverboards from sale earlier this month over safety concerns.

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