Russia military hardware abandoned outside Kherson

STORY: Civilians also posed for photographs with soldiers, with one Chornobaivka resident saying: ”We could not say a word here. Four cars came and they told us: 'It is because of your pro-Ukrainian position.' I said: 'You can shoot us down because we are Ukrainians.' We could not say a word. We could not say: 'Glory to Ukraine!' We could not say so.”

Russia's defense ministry said all Russian forces and equipment had been transferred to the eastern bank of the Dnipro river. It said the withdrawal was completed by 5 a.m. Moscow time (0200 GMT) on Friday (November 11) and "not a single unit of military equipment or weapons have been left on the right (western) bank".

However, Ukrainian troops found scores of abandoned Russian military vehicles on the approach to the regional capital Kherson.