Russian Fans Petition to Replace Spider-Man Voice Actor


Russian viewers were so disappointed with the actor who dubbed Spider-Man in the Russian version of Captain America: Civil War, released in the country last month, that they are signing an online petition on to replace him in future Marvel releases.

“Replace the dubbing actor for Spider-Man in future movies of Marvel Studios,” reads the petition. 1,096 people have already signed it out of 1,500 that are needed for the petition to be sent to Neva, a Russian company that dubbed Civil War and is likely to do future Marvel movies featuring Spider-Man.

“This is important because Spider-Man’s [Russian] voice didn’t absolutely correspond to the character,” one of the signees commented on the petition web site. “Okay, he is a school kid, but that doesn’t mean he has to sound like a 10 year old.”

“In recent years, movies haven’t been dubbed well in Russia,” noted another signee. “Mostly, there are problems with translation, but sometimes wrong dubbing actors are selected, and viewers have to hear them for the entire movie.”

Vladimir Kanukhin, who dubbed Spider-Man, has never done any other dubbing work. But the dubbing company stood by its choice of the actor. A spokesperson for Neva, told The Hollywood Reporter that Kanukhin was a student of a theater school and his voice was approved by the production company.

Despite the controversy, because of the population’s limited literacy, the quality of translation and dubbing of Hollywood movies doesn’t have a major impact on their box office performance, Alexander Semenov, publisher and editor of the local trade journal Kinobusiness Today, told THR.

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