Ryan Gosling Is Chris Stapleton’s No. 1 Fan in ‘SNL’ Promo

Ryan Gosling is bringing his Kenergy to Saturday Night Live this week, alongside musical guest Chris Stapleton.

The Oscar-nominated Barbie actor will serve as the sketch comedy show’s host for the third time, and if his promo is any indication, viewers are in for a laugh.

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The 45-second video sees Gosling hovering near Stapleton’s dressing room door with a photo of the country artist for him to sign. The actor wears a black T-shirt with a white horse and the artist’s name on it, as he tries to work up the courage to approach the musician for his autograph.

“‘Mr. Stapleton, big fan, love your music,'” The Fall Guy star says as he attempts to find the right words to approach the Grammy winner. “Nah, that’s stupid. ‘Yo Chris, one for the ‘gram?'” Gosling brainstorms as he gestures posing for a selfie. “Master Stapleton, ’tis I, Sir Gosling.’ That’s cool.”

With the right approach, Gosling feels confident enough to enter the dressing room, which is dark and empty, except for Stapleton’s cowboy hat sitting on his vanity. The actor finds himself drawn to the hat, as Stapleton’s hit song “White Horse” plays. Gosling tries to fight the urge to grab the hat but in mere seconds, he’s wearing it.

The Notebook actor previously hosted SNL in 2015 and 2017. He even made a special appearance in last week’s episode, hosted by Kristen Wiig, during her opening monologue after she was serenaded by Jon Hamm, Martin Short, Fred Armisen and Will Forte.

Gosling popped up in the monologue, wearing a Five-Timers Club jacket, despite not being in the elite club — yet. He checked with Lorne Michaels to make sure it was OK for him to be wearing one prematurely, and when the SNL creator signaled to him not to worry about it, the Barbie star presented Wiig with her Five-Timers jacket.

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