Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson 'butted heads' while filming Red Notice - report

Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson reportedly "butted heads" over The Rock's behaviour while filming Red Notice.

Ryan "confronted" the WWE pro wrestler about being "repeatedly late to set" when filming the 2021 movie, according to TMZ.

The publication claimed The Rock's lateness particularly affected the shooting schedule as they were filming around COVID restrictions.

Although the discussion wasn't dramatic, the two stars spoke about the issue in a professional manner before continuing to work together amicably, reported TMZ.

The news comes after The Wrap released a report claiming The Rock's lateness caused $50 million (£40 million) to be added to the budget of the film, after regularly showing up to eight hours late to the shoot.

A spokesperson for Amazon MGM, who made the movie, was forced to deny that Dwayne had turned up late, saying that The Rock and the producer were "incredible partners" and "any reporting that implies that we got to this point with him showing up seven-eight hours late to set is both ridiculous and false".

Red Notice was shown on Netflix and also starred Gal Gadot alongside Ryan and Dwayne.