Ryan Reynolds expertly burns Hugh Jackman over Logan debut

Ben Arnold
Rivalry… Deadpool takes on the Wolverine – Credit: ET

The immensely pleasing mock-rivalry between Ryan Reynolds – aka Deadpool – and Hugh Jackman – aka Wolverine – continues apace.

And with Jackman out on the road promoting his latest X-Men outing ‘Logan’, it’s provided Reynolds with a bit of an open goal.

Jackman dropped a few snaps over the weekend of the movie’s premiere in Beijing, picturing him with fans.

“Thanks for an amazing visit Beijing!” Jackman wrote.

Reynolds quickly countered with a succinct but sizzling burn: “Pretty sure those are protesters.”

The pair also crossed swords last month.

The amusing rivalry began with the use of a Jackman mask in Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool’ movie last year.

(Credit: Fox)

And they’ve been trading barbs ever since, but with this being Jackman’s last turn as Wolverine, you might have to enjoy it while you can.

‘Logan’, in case you were somehow unaware, is out now across the UK.

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