Ryan Reynolds makes Antiques Roadshow debut

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Red Notice star Ryan Reynolds took the movie's precious Cleopatra egg onto Antiques Roadshow this week.

Sitting down opposite US host Lark E Mason in character as art thief Nolan Booth, the Canadian explained: "This is not a family heirloom – my family disowned me years ago. They don't like me. But this is more of an heirloom that my good friend at the museum lent me."

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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Lark preceded to recount the egg's history and how a "very muscular, handsome, talented" FBI agent – obviously referring to Dwayne Johnson's character John Hartley – was assigned the mission to track one down after it went missing.

"Yeah... I am totally passing away here, what would you generally say the price of an object like this would be?" pushed back 'Nolan', before a figure of around $100,000,000 was confirmed – so long as he could clear up the questionable nature of its presence at the auction.

You can check out the clip below, which we think you'll agree could be the promotional stunt of the year.

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Meanwhile, Digital Spy awarded Red Notice two stars in our review earlier this month.

Movies editor Ian Sandwell wrote: "It's a solid-enough concept, but Red Notice quickly becomes overly familiar. You're reminded of other movies – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ocean's Eleven and more – and the problem is that it reminds you how superior they were.

"This familiarity extends to the leading trio, who try to inject some fun into proceedings but are saddled with one-note roles reminiscent of their other work. Reynolds is Deadpool as an art thief, Johnson is his stoic lawman from the Fast & Furious series and Gadot is Gisele from the same franchise, able to make men do whatever she wants because she's attractive.

"For some, this might be enough to make Red Notice an entertaining-enough watch. It likely just depends on your tolerance levels, really, but the disappointment is that the stars never get to develop their characters more."

Red Notice is now streaming on Netflix.

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