Ryan Reynolds responds to Deadpool Oscar snub

Ben Skipper
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool alongside Colossus in the 2016 hit. (Credits: 20th Century Fox)

Ryan Reynolds has reacted to his superhero hit ‘Deadpool’ receiving no love from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences when the organisation announced the 2017 Oscar nominations earlier today (24 January).

The effervescent R-Rated X-Men spin-off was building up some steam in the run-up to the announcement following nominations at the Golden Globes. It wasn’t to be however, and to be honest, it never was never likely to happening.

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Ryan Reynolds took the ‘snub’ in good spirits of course, tweeting: “Regularly scheduled tickle-fight at Camp #Deadpool is still on. Congrats to all the nominees for these brilliant films.”

He was referring to a tweet written after the film’s Globes nomination was announced in which he promised “a grotesque, early morning tickle-fight” was going to ensue.

Nine films were nominated for Best Picture this year. They are: ‘La La Land’, ‘Moonlight’, ‘Manchester by the Sea’, ‘Arrival’, ‘Lion’, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’, ‘Hidden Figures’, ‘Fences’ and ‘Hell or High Water’.

“I’ve always said that I wish the Oscars had a category for comedy as well,” said Reynolds speaking to Entertainment Weekly after those Golden Globe nomination. “It’s not an easy job. Oftentimes with comedies you have to have some pathos and real grit that in turn earns you the right to subvert expectations and be funny. It takes a lot of construction.”

No superhero movie has ever been nominated in the Oscar’s Best Picture category, with the most deserving potential nominee – 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight’ – famously being snubbed in 2009. The snub led to the Academy changing its Best Picture rules to allow for between five and nine nominees (as to allow more popular films like ‘Avatar’ and ‘Inception’.

So when will a superhero movie be nominated? It’s hard to say, but this year there is at least one possibility. It may be released too early in the year to still be considered in 2018, but fellow X-Men spin-off ‘Logan’ is looking like a very interesting, and very good adult superhero film.

Or maybe ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2’ will be nominated. Who knows?