Ryan Reynolds says his $120K electric motorcycle makes him feel like Superman – and he's sparked a surge of interest in its English maker

  • Ryan Reynolds raved about his custom-made electric motorcycle on Instagram.

  • His praise for the bike has sent its maker, an English startup called Arc, into "overdrive."

  • Arc is now selling bikes in the US and hopes to add to its star clientele.

Ryan Reynolds has sent a small English electric motorcycle company "into overdrive" after raving about one of their high-end electric motorcycles.

In an Instagram story to his 50 million followers, the actor praised his newly purchased bespoke Vector made by Arc, saying he'd "never stopped giggling the whole ride".

Clarifying that he had "no stake or connection" to the company, the co-owner of Wrexham football club told his followers it was the "coolest bike" he'd ever ridden.

His celebrity power sparked a surge of interest for Coventry-based Arc on social media and a "huge amount" of enquiries.

Chairman Mark Truman told BBC News: "As a start-up business we would never have been able to pay for that sort of celebrity endorsement."

Arc claims the Vector is the world's "most advanced motorcycle". The 530lb machine can accelerate from a standing start to 100 kilometers (62 miles) an hour in just 3.2 second and hit speeds of up to 200 km/h (124 mph).

With a charging time of just 40 minutes, the Vector has a range of about 270 miles, putting it in the same ballpark as some EVs.

A Vector does not come cheap, however. Each one is custom-made and starts at about $120,000.

Reynolds was delighted with his bike, Truman told BBC News, and had messaged Arc to say that had brought him close to a childhood dream of flying just above the ground and feeling like Superman.

Arc recently launched in the US, offering two motorcycles only available to North American customers.

The company is now hoping more stars like Reynolds become Arc buyers too.

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