Rye Lane stars address major Love Actually cameo

david jonsson and vivian oparah, rye lane
Rye Lane stars address major Love Actually cameo20th Century Studios

Rye Lane spoilers follow.

Vivian Oparah and David Jonsson have spoken about Colin Firth's uncredited cameo in their new movie Rye Lane.

The pair play singletons Yas and Dom, who spend a whole day in each other's company following a rather unorthodox meet-cute. Throughout this rom-com, they discuss crushing break-ups while stumbling across many strange and wonderful characters, including Love Actually legend Firth's Mexican food stall worker.

As if that wasn't magical enough, the stall in question is called 'Love Guac'tually', too.

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"It was just insane," Oparah told RadioTimes of the Oscar-winner's day on set.

"I was just like: 'Woah', but also I was like: 'Damn that was such an amazing baton pass – to have someone who's in the quintessential British rom-coms just being like, yeah, I want to support this movie, just for the sake of supporting it'."

Her co-star Jonsson, who Industry fans will recognise as Gus Sackey, was equally as blown away by the experience.

"Oh man – yeah, I definitely died," he said. "I just thought it was, you know, he's absolutely incredible. And he was so humble, so kind and giving and it was like, just a dream. And he gave us the best bits of advice for our career – like a real career – and hopefully we use them!"

vivian oparah, david jonsson , rye lane
20th Century Studios

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As for the ingenious 'Love Guac'tually' name, Rye Lane director Raine Allen-Miller revealed that her partner was behind it.

"I decided I really want to do this thing where we have a shop that's called like, About a Burrito or something. I said it to my partner, and I was like, it has to have somebody like You Know Who in there.

"And my partner just suddenly came out and went: 'What about Love Guac'tually?' And I was like: 'Oh my God.' And it was like the best thing ever."

Rye Lane is currently airing in UK cinemas.

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