The Sam’s Club Bakery Item So Good Customers Start Eating Them “In the Parking Lot”

We can understand why.

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

As home cooks, we can be pretty particular about the foods we make and serve. But, one day, most of us realize that we don’t actually have to make everything from scratch—especially when there’s a store-bought substitute you can quite literally pass off as homemade.

That’s why grocery store bakeries are so popular—we like to leave some things to the pros.

If you’re already doing your food shopping at a store like Sam’s Club, why not pick up some pre-made sweets while you’re at it? It’s probably cheaper (and definitely easier) than buying all the ingredients and making it yourself. Plus, those club store bakeries are perfect for feeding a crowd.

But which bakery products are actually worth it from Sam’s Club? For that, we went right to the source: the customers.

While Sam’s bakery rolls out new, delicious products every month—like the holiday muffins or seasonal cheesecakes—there’s one tried-and-true product customers like to buy all year round. The eight-count Member's Mark 3" Salted Caramel and Cookies 'n Crème Cheesecakes.

Sam's Club Fan-Favorite Salted Caramel and Cookies 'n Crème Cheesecakes

Sam’s mini dessert platter features four salted caramel cheesecakes and four New York-style cookies ‘n crème cheesecakes that one customer says are so good they “devoured four of [them] in the Sam’s Club parking lot.”

Sam’s salted caramel cheesecake has a buttery crust topped with a caramel-infused cheesecake filling that’s finished off with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Instagram user samsclubfoodreview says the cheesecake “oozes decadence” and rates it a 10/10.

The Member’s Mark cookies ‘n crème cheesecake is more New York style with a graham cracker crust and classic cheesecake filling that’s then topped with icing made from vanilla and chocolate cookies and chocolate crumbles.

At Sam’s Club’s bakery, you can find these eight cheesecakes for $16.98. The cheesecakes are available year-round, but they make a great addition to any holiday table or potluck, meaning now is the perfect time to try them.

Though, you might want to buy two eight-packs, just in case you end up eating four in the parking lot on your way home, too.

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