Sam Darnold's groin gets punished during strip sack and fumble

Sam Darnold's groin gets punished during strip sack and fumble

Being a quarterback can be tough on the body, but New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold got more than he bargained for during a late second quarter strip sack.

He got punched in the groin.

Before the sack puns overwhelm your brain, here’s how it went down. The Jets, who are facing the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, were at the 50-yard line with 36 seconds left in the first half, and Darnold was getting ready to throw on 1st and 10. He backs up and looks for an open man, then gets totally surprised by Steelers OL TJ Watt who takes him down. The ball comes out and Watt recovers, but while Watt was sacking Darnold, his fist went somewhere it really should not go.

Here’s the full play.

Here’s just the groin punching.

That’s a real punch right there. The fist is clenched and it jabs with purpose which could NOT have felt good to Darnold. It’s really phenomenal that he was able to get up and walk like a normal person, instead of like someone who just got socked in the family jewels. Though considering that Darnold has dealt with both mono and Adam Gase this season, a crotch punch may not be the most painful thing he’s endured in 2019.

The Steelers scored a touchdown from that turnover. Darnold was fine, but please hold your own personal moment of silence in tribute to Darnold’s groin and the pain it endured on Sunday in the name of football.

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