Sam Mendes was furious Léa Seydoux jetted between movies while making Spectre

Ben Arnold
Seydoux… angered director Sam Mendes – Credit: Reuters
Seydoux… angered director Sam Mendes – Credit: Reuters

Bond star Léa Seydoux has admitted that she infuriated director Sam Mendes while filming ‘Spectre’, because she was jetting between two film sets.

Despite having official dispensation from Bond producer Barbara Broccoli to make ‘It’s Only The End Of The World’ during the last weeks of filming ‘Spectre’, things still got a bit tense, it seems.

In an interview with Metro, the French actress said: “’It was really crazy. (The bond team were) not really (OK with this).

(Credit: Sony)
(Credit: Sony)

“The producer [Barbara Broccoli] was very nice – she said, ‘OK, if you really want to make this film, we’ll find a solution’.

“But [director] Sam Mendes was not happy at all! He was so angry.

“He was like, ‘You cannot do two films at the same time. James Bond is big.’ But I really wanted to do it.”

But while it might have got up Mr Mendes’ nose during production, it yielded the desired effect for Seydoux.

(Credit: Getty)
(Credit: Getty)

The movie, which also starred Vincent Cassel and Marion Cotillard, and told the story of a terminally ill writer, won the Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

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