Samuel L Jackson Cast In The Blob Remake

When you absolutely, positively got to kill every gelatinous alien parasite in the room, accept no substitutes… Samuel L Jackson has reportedly been cast in the upcoming remake of B-movie horror classic ‘The Blob.’

The prolific actor (seen thus far this year in ‘Kingsman: the Secret Service,’ ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and ‘Big Game’) will reportedly play a biochemistry professor who fights back against the faceless, shapeless, man-eating goo from outer space - although, according to Bloody Disgusting, the Blob’s beginnings will be somewhat different this time around.

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In the 1958 original, famous for its catchy theme song and for featuring Steve McQueen in one of his first leading roles, the Blob oozed out of a newly-crashed meteor. However, this time around the Blob will reportedly be uncovered deep underground by miners.

Whether this particular Blob is indeed alien, then, is open to question; not that this would be your primary concern when faced with an indestructible ball of slime that wants to consume you…

This will be the fourth ‘Blob’ film, following on from the 1972 sequel ‘Beware! The Blob’ and the gory 1988 remake from director Chuck Russell, which has since become quite a cult favourite in its own right.

‘The Expendables 2′ director Simon West is calling the shots, and has pledged to “fully realise the potential of The Blob” via top of the range CGI.

Apparently Jackson’s character will battle the Blob alongside “his tenacious girlfriend,” although there’s no indication yet of who might take that role. That said, given Bloody Disgusting’s synopsis also describes Samuel L Jackson’s character as a “young scientist,” we might assume the script may yet be revised; Jackson may be many things, but at 66, ‘young’ isn’t one of them.

‘The Blob’ will shoot this autumn.

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Picture Credit: WENN, 20th Century Fox