Samuel L. Jackson Just Shared A Sweet Fact About Filming With Argylle Co-Star Sam Rockwell, And I Had No Idea

 Samuel L. Jackson and Sam Rockwell in Argylle (side by side) .
Samuel L. Jackson and Sam Rockwell in Argylle (side by side) .

Argylle is one of the most anticipated films of 2024. Between Argylle's killer cast list including Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill and exciting director Matthew Vaughn at the helm, the movie looks like a fun action romp this winter that'll be sure to draw a crowd. Samuel L. Jackson also is a key member of the cast, along with Sam Rockwell who is heavily featured in the Argylle trailer. The Pulp Fiction actor recently revealed that the new movie marks his fourth film with Rockwell, but this one is special for a very interesting reason.

The Avengers alum recently posted a video on Instagram of himself and director Vaughn gearing up for press for Argylle. Jackson seemed excited to be discussing his latest film with the genre director, and even had on argyle-pattern socks to celebrate the new film. He also posted a number of photos with his Argylle cast members. You can see his post below:

He also shared in the caption that Argylle is his fourth cinematic collaboration with Sam Rockwell, however it will be the first time the two have shared a scene together. He said:

P.S. I’ve starred in 4 movies with Sam Rockwell but this is the first time we been on-screen together. 30 years in the making people‼️

This seemed too crazy to be true, but it turns out this is absolutely accurate. Both actors have careers that have spanned decades, and although they may share some credits, they have never appeared on screen together. The first time was 1991’s Strictly Business, where both actors has small parts in the Halle Berry-led romantic comedy. The second time was 1994’s The Search for One-eye Jimmy, which was an ensemble comedy where the two movie stars once again never cross paths. The third, and most notable, is Iron Man 2, in which Jackson plays Nick Fury and Rockwell plays the villain, Justin Hammer. While both are essential to the film, they still never interact.

It’s a long time coming, but based on this post, Rockwell and Jackson will be sharing screen time together in Argylle. While major plot points are being kept under wraps, it seems like both characters are essential to the action/adventure story at the forefront.  Rockwell plays Aiden, an undercover spy who’s story seems to mirror the occurrences written in the Argylle book series. He is one of the essential characters responsible for helping Bryce Dallas Howard’s author character, Elly, figure out why her books are seemingly coming to life. Jackson plays Alfred Solomon, the exiled former deputy director of the CIA, who has information that Elly needs. How Rockwell and Jackson’s characters will interact remains to be seen, but this little Instagram anecdote is a fun fact, and a fun tease of what’s to come in Argylle.

This may be the first time the two stars have appeared together, but hopefully it won’t be the last. The MCU loves bringing back former characters, so maybe Nick Fury and Justin Hammer could have a scene together in an upcoming Avengers movie. The Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri star has discussed maybe bringing his Iron Man 2 character back, so it's not completely out of the question. In addition, although Argylle as yet be released, plans for an Argylle 2 have already been discussed. We will have to wait to see if this does come to fruition, but any excuse to have Rockwell and Jackson as scene partners sounds like a great idea.

You can check out Samuel L. Jackson and Sam Rockwell finally reunited in Argylle, which will hit theaters on February 2nd, and available for AppleTV+ subscribers in the near future. You can also see them both on screen separately in Iron Man 2, which is now available to stream with a Disney+ subscription. For more information on other exciting films heading to theaters this year, make sure to check out our 2024 movie release schedule.