Samuel L Jackson says a second Avengers will form in MCU’s Phase 4

Sam Ashurst
Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

If you thought the Avengers came to an end in Endgame, you don’t know the MCU like Samuel L Jackson. A second team will form in Phase 4, according to the actor.

"I always think that there’s room for every kind of story to be told," Jackson told Cinema Blend. "And, at some point, they’re going to have to put together another Avengers group of some sorts to deal with whatever’s coming next.

"Nick [Fury] knows something is coming," he continued, "the same way he found out in Captain Marvel that there are other things out there that need to be dealt with that I didn’t know about. [Far From Home] is moving us to another place. We really don’t know what time or space we’re in. I don’t. We do know that there is going to be something else.”

The OG Avengers assembled in Age of Ultron (Disney)

You’ll get no spoilers from us, but Spider-Man: Far From Home very much sets up what’s coming next in the MCU, and it would be very surprising if Nick Fury isn’t immediately working towards forming that new Avengers team. We would be shocked if Phase 4 didn’t conclude with a film called ‘The New Avengers’ or something similar.

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And it looks like Jackson will continue to be a key part of the MCU, with Far From Home director Jon Watts paying close attention to Fury’s past when he watched Captain Marvel for the first time. “I was especially intrigued by seeing Nick Fury’s backstory. It was great to know how that was all fitting in to our film.”

As for what’s coming next for the MCU, Watts said, “I do know that they’re planning some pretty incredible stuff, but I’ll wait for Kevin Feige to tell the world about that.”

Will that ‘incredible stuff’ include a second Avengers? Time (and space) will tell.

Nick Fury returns in Spider-Man: Far From Home, coming to cinemas Tuesday 2 July, 2019.