San Francisco skateboarders go high-speed 'hill bombing' in crazy video

When I was a kid I fractured my wrist trying to ollie over a curb, but after watching footage from San Francisco’s “hill bombing” event, I think I got off easy.

Then again, an ollie over a curb is not nearly as dangerous as ripping down a hill at top speed.

Scores of people recently convened at the top of Dolores Street for an event that can only be described as pure chaos, with some of the gnarliest wipeouts that we’ve ever seen.

The rules appear to be quite simple. If you’re one of the skaters, just grab your board, launch yourself down the steep street at insanely high speed and pray that you make it out alive. If you’re one of the bold spectators, stand with the crowd that lines the street and pray that you make it out alive.

No one is safe when hill bombing down Dolores Street, as we’ve learned in the video footage below.

Like I said, pure chaos.

Just ask the Uber driver who made the mistake of driving down Dolores Street during the event.