Sand Land reviews call the anime adaptation of Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s manga "one final masterpiece"

 Sand Land.
Sand Land.

Sand Land, the new Hulu/Disney Plus anime adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s other big manga, is gaining the attention of critics – with one calling it a "final masterpiece" from the late Dragon Ball creator, who died in early March.

NME’s review, which calls Sand Land a "masterpiece", says the anime’s first six episodes present "an enthralling blend of fantasy, sci-fi, comedy and action that reels you in with a simple premise, exciting adventures, winsome chemistry between our three leads, and dynamic CGI animation from directors Toshihisa Yokoshima and Hiroshi Kōjina."

IGN, meanwhile, shines a spotlight on the "stunningly choreographed fights", noting that they offer a reminder of Toriyama’s "endless imagination."

Elsewhere, CBR celebrates the "rich world-building" of the sandswept anime as well as commenting on the "heavier and more layered societal deconstructions" that crop up periodically in the series.

Finally, CG Magazine offers perhaps the greatest praise of all, stating that Sand Land "feels like a glory days to the return of the original Dragon Ball."

Interested? Sand Land revolves around a world not too dissimilar to Dune, one that has been ravaged by drought after years of war. The series follows Sheriff Rao as he turns to demons – including the prince Beelzebub – for help in solving the water crisis.

The first six episodes of Sand Land adapt last year’s movie, with the new episodes from episode 7 onwards covering the new ‘Angelic Heroes’ arc.

Sand Land is now streaming on Disney Plus and Hulu. For more from the world of anime, check out the best anime you should be watching right now, plus a look at all the new anime coming your way in 2024.