Sandwich Bite Meme Launches Viral Debate as TikTok Foodies Feud Over the Right Answer

Eating a sandwich may seem easy, but there's nuance in every bite

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of a partially eaten sandwich


Stock image of a partially eaten sandwich

Eating a sandwich is one of those things you may not think has rhyme or reason to it. Hard core foodies are here to change your perspective.

TikTokers have been sharing a meme that presents a partially eaten sandwich, with three possible next bites. While three different options are available, TikTokers are arguing their personal one right answer in this viral debate.

Ahmad Alzahabi, who goes by @TheGoldenBalance on TikTok, provided an impassioned argument for bite C.

"You take C, you do a little bit of the groundwork, the early work, the work that you don't want to usually do, because you can already tell there's not much filling there. Then you get rid of B, then the new C, that's the right answer."

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Offering a variety on that take was @soogia1. "This is really obvious. We're all together on this right?"

"The next bite on this sandwich is C," she began. "This dry crust here with very little filling, that's the next bite. And then after that, you don't jump to A or B. We go to D, which is right here."

She continued to motion bites around the bottom edge of the sandwich, saving B for last. "Because we all have the same goal in sandwich eating, right? Don't we? We want this whole area [b], the crown jewel of the sandwich. We're waiting for this bite here. This is why we wanted the sandwich in the first place. This part right here is the last to go."

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of a partially eaten sandwich on pita bread


Stock image of a partially eaten sandwich on pita bread

Another TikToker, @mina.ibs, argued the only right answer is to finish the entire sandwich in one shot.

"I have no time to waste taking little nibbles," he reasoned. "I want everything in one bite."

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