'Santa Bootcamp' Trailer 1

Watch the trailer for Rita Moreno's first-ever Lifetime Christmas movie

Video transcript


- Welcome to Santa Bootcamp!

- Why waste another minute when Santa's work is to be done?

- A Lifetime Original movie.


- I wouldn't do that.

- I'm not even supposed to be here. This is all a big misunderstanding.

- Let me hear ho, ho, ho.

- Ho, ho, ho.

- Directed by Melissa Joan Hart.

- I'm not here to discover the joy of Christmas. I have enough of that in my life already.

- You have a special someone?

- Not right now.

- Well, that just leaves a houseplant.

- This November.

- Why don't you just resign yourself to being here? Might even be fun.

- He is distractingly handsome.

- I haven't had much success in the romance department.

- Doesn't surprise me.

- You have to stop worrying about things, Emily. You've got to just go for it.

- Rita Moreno and Emily Kinney.

- Transformation.

- "Santa Bootcamp," premieres Saturday, November 19, part of It's a Wonderful Lifetime only on Lifetime.