Saoirse Ronan reveals she was scrapped from Barbie movie

Saoirse Ronan has revealed she was supposed to appear in the record-breaking movie.

The actress has confirmed she had been given a cameo in the movie playing Weird Barbie, but that it never eventuated.

"I was definitely going to be Weird Barbie,” she told Variety. “I don’t know how to take that. I would have been with Kate McKinnon, so that would have been nice. I had a scene but didn’t ever get to do it, and it wasn’t in the movie.”

The Little Women actress couldn’t recall the exact details of how the scene was due to play out.

“I can’t even remember now, but it was weird,” she said. “I think I’d be the strange girl who talked to herself and always had her pet dog with her and always talked to the dog and wouldn’t look at anyone.”

She also confirmed Timothee Chalamet's cameo was cut from the film.