Sara and Erin Foster Develop Their Own Signature Scents for Favorite Daughter: 'Spritz Away!' (Exclusive)

The Foster sisters are elevating the conversation around clean beauty with their new travel-inspired fragrances made with all responsible ingredients

<p>courtesy Erin/Sara Foster; getty</p> Sara and Erin Foster

courtesy Erin/Sara Foster; getty

Sara and Erin Foster's brand Favorite Daughter launches fragrances.

Sara and Erin Foster's empire continues to expand. Next up? Conquering clean fragrance.

The sisters have a podcast, a Netflix deal (their upcoming comedy series stars Kristen Bell and Adam Brody!) and a venture capital firm, Oversubscribed, with a focus on investing in female-founded companies. Then, of course, is their hot-selling clothing brand Favorite Daughter, which they launched at the height of the pandemic in 2020. Thanks to an accessible price point, loyal fanbase and social media buzz, Favorite Daughter, which focuses on a capsule wardrobe of elevated basics and suiting, turned a profit after two years. Now they're bringing their Midas touch to the clean beauty space with two new fragrances inspired by their favorite places to vacation.

Sara and Erin worked closely with Casey Georgeson, clean beauty expert and founder of luxury skincare line Saint Jane, on their signature scents, Grecian Nights and Italian Summers. Both are made without parabens, sulfates, pegs, formaldehyde and silicones and with sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients that are responsibly sourced from around the world.

<p>courtesy Erin/Sara Foster</p> Favorite Daughter's new clean fragrances, Grecian Nights and Italian Summers, available now.

courtesy Erin/Sara Foster

Favorite Daughter's new clean fragrances, Grecian Nights and Italian Summers, available now.

"Clean is a buzzy word, but fragrance has notoriously not been clean for decades," Sara tells PEOPLE. "I think there are a lot of people that are doing it but don't necessarily live their life that way. Erin really is the ethics police in our partnership. We knew we wanted our fragrances to be the cleanest, but with real efficacy — a lot of clean fragrances just don't have that staying power. Ours last."

Adds Georgeson: “Fragrance is the perfect evolution for Favorite Daughter, and we had to do it in a fresh, innovative way. Sara and Erin share my passion for meticulously clean products that truly perform. This was our mission when we collaborated on these two beautiful scents."

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If you don't have a Spring Break trip booked, a few spritzes of Favorite Daughter's perfumes will transport you to a tropical locale. Sara says they went "back and forth" when deciding whether to create one or two scents, but in the end, they each wanted to take ownership.

"We debated if it was smarter to just do one, but then we were like, 'We're never going to agree on a scent. We are very different people and for the sake of our sisterly relationship, let's not get into a fight over the fragrance. So let's each do our own.'"

<p>Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton</p> Erin and Sara Foster wearing their clothing line, Favorite Daughter.

Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton

Erin and Sara Foster wearing their clothing line, Favorite Daughter.

Sara’s signature scent Grecian Nights is centered on white florals including waterlily, jasmine nectar and gardenia. Erin’s Italian Summers layers coconut, sparkling citrus, wild freesia and cozy vanilla orchid for an airy finish.

"They smell amazing layered together, but we are marketing Grecian Nights as your nighttime, sexier scent," Sara explains. "It's a little bit like someone might come up and want to sniff your neck. You don't want to really get your neck sniffed during the day. No one's trying to have their neck sniffed at work, but maybe at night."

As for Erin's, it's more about adding a calming, fresh-smelling touch to your daytime vibe.

"When we closed our eyes and asked, 'Where do we wish we could be?' I'm like, 'I want to be in Greece dancing on a table at a delicious restaurant,' and Erin said, 'I want to be in Italy during the day walking around, no makeup on my face, and my hair is clean and wet from getting out of the ocean," Sara shares of their inspirations. "Erin describes her scent feeling like cotton and chiffon."

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The scents were built on staying power as well, with Sara sharing that she still likes to mist it throughout the day.

"It really lingers — if not all day, you should spritz halfway through the day, because there's nothing harmful in there, so spritz away. It doesn't matter," she says. "I spritz it under the pits at the half-day mark — keep some in the glove compartment!"

<p>courtesy Erin/Sara Foster</p> Favorite Daughter's new clean fragrances, Italian Summers and Grecian Nights, available now.

courtesy Erin/Sara Foster

Favorite Daughter's new clean fragrances, Italian Summers and Grecian Nights, available now.

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Gen Z also informed Favorite Daughter's latest clean product launch, as the truth-telling generation on social media who are using fragrances and body mists more than ever before.

"We're seeing the younger generation get into this stuff way earlier, because of TikTok, they're even aware of this," Sara explains. "I didn't even know what a fragrance was at 12. At 12, that was not on my radar at all. But now 12-year-olds, they wear perfumes and they cannot be spraying perfume with harmful ingredients."

Sara remembers first getting into fragrance herself in the late '90s, with Houbigant Paris' Quelques Fleurs being the perfume de rigueur among the in crowd.

"This was the days of Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie and us. It was the it fragrance that everybody had to have," she says. "We would beg our parents. It was like $100, which in the '90s was a lot."

"If you did not smell like Quelques Fleurs, you were on the outs. We all had to smell like Quelques Fleurs. If I smelled it right now, it would take me right back to high school."

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