Sarah Hyland Admits Her Love Island Exit News Didn’t Break The Way She Hoped

 Sarah Hyland in pink beachwear on Love Island USA.
Sarah Hyland in pink beachwear on Love Island USA.

The sixth season of Love Island USA is coming for those with Peacock subscriptions, and there’s no indication that fans should expect a lack of sunshine, swimsuits and swapping partners when the reality series returns. Will will be missing, however, is the familiar face of now-former host Sarah Hyland, who was revealed to be exiting her duties after two seasons. But it sounds like that news broke before the Modern Family vet was ready.

Hyland took to Instagram after the initial departure news broke to share a more direct message with fans who were probably hoping that the news wasn’t legit. Here’s how she put it in her Stories post:

Well, just got a text. I'm disappointed the news had to break this way but it is in fact true that I will not be returning to the island this summer. I have committed to an exciting project, that will be announced soon, that conflicts directly with the shooting dates of LOVE ISLAND USA. While I'm sad I can't return, I hope to see lots of love this summer on Peacock this upcoming season.

Fans were aware that Season 6 was on the way, as Love Island posted casting calls near the end of 2023, but without any clear indications that the new contestants would have a whole new host leading the charge. However, TMZ went public with their report, and it would have been impossible to put the cat back in the bag after that, and Hyland thankfully confirmed the news without keeping her fans and followers in the dark.

Hyland, who was called "disrespectful" by some fans during the Season 5 finale, doesn't seem to be at odds with anyone behind the scenes of Love Island USA, so it's feasible that she could still return to the series in some fashion in the future, even if it's not as a full-time host. She seems to be quite invested in this world, similar to her hubby Wells Adams being a fixture within Bachelor Nation, so let's not count her out completely just yet.

Can't wait to hear more about that new project, too. Pretty sure it won't be a Modern Family reunion (either televised or privatized), but that would certainly justify making it the occupational preference once scheduling conflicts came up. Considering she loves Disney World so much, and has been seen with bestie Vanessa Hudgens recently, I'll casually toss out the hope that Hyland's new project incorporates both of those elements.

As far as Sarah Hyland's replacement goes, Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix has been tapped to take over hosting duties for Season 6. The Dancing with the Stars vet spent much of 2023 embroiled in the Scandoval fiasco invovling her ex Tom Sandoval, but is clearly keeping busy these days, having also hit the stage for Chicago performances on Broadway. Not to mention filming Vanderpump Rules' follow-up season.

Ariana Madix smiling on Watch What Happens Live
Ariana Madix smiling on Watch What Happens Live

Ariana Madix will be the third host of Love Island USA, with Hyland having replaced Arielle Vandenberg. And she's not exactly a stranger to the franchise. Madix appeared during an episode in the middle of the fifth season, and while it didn't seem so prophetic at the time, it now feels like fate led us all here.

For now, Love Island USA doesn't have a premiere date locked down, but stay tuned for more about when we'll see Ariana Madix's big return. Head to our 2024 TV schedule for a look at all the other new and returning shows hitting the small screen in the near future.