Sarah Jayne Dunn is almost sure she knows who complained to Hollyoaks bosses about her OnlyFans

Sarah Jayne Dunn left Hollyoaks to pursue OnlyFans as a full-time venture credit:Bang Showbiz
Sarah Jayne Dunn left Hollyoaks to pursue OnlyFans as a full-time venture credit:Bang Showbiz

Sarah Jayne Dunn thinks she knows who complained to 'Hollyoaks' bosses about her OnlyFans page.

The 42-year-old star had played the role of Mandy Richardson in the Channel 4 soap opera for 25 years when she decided to open an account on the adults-only subscription service which prompted bosses to offer her an ultimatum of keeping the page or leaving the show.

Sarah Jayne "never doubted" her decision to stick with OnlyFans and alleged that actors were forced to sign new contracts vowing not to sell racy pictures of themselves but claimed she is almost certain which of her co-stars made the complaint about her business venture in the first place.

She told The Sun: "Lots of people have reached out for advice on doing what I have done. Lots of people are curious and lots of people want to know what it is and how it works. I know that what happened with all of the soaps is that [actors] had to all sign a new copy of the contract, ­saying that they wouldn’t do it, that they couldn’t do it.

"Everyone would have left if they didn’t. I think people are curious but people can’t take that step. I never doubted my decision once I made it — the complete ­opposite actually. I’ve got fire in my belly.

"Apparently there is one person who complained. I think I know who that is now, I have my suspicions for sure."

The former soap star - who has been married to Jonathan Smith since 2018 and has a son with him - claimed that the set of 'Hollyoaks' was like "any other workplace" in that she didn't get on with absolutely everybody but that is a normal part of any job.

She said: "It was like any workplace — you get on with most people, but there will be a couple that you don’t.

“You can’t please everybody and you’re not going to get on with everyone. I think a lot of that boils down to their own insecurities and jealousies.

When Sarah was forced to leave 'Hollyoaks', bosses claimed that the adult nature of OnlyFans was not appropriate for their teenage audience but she has insisted that she is not creating any sort of content that is any more racy than when she appeared in lads' magazines and on calendars for the show.

She said: "“I am not doing anything different to what I used to be doing.

“When I first joined OnlyFans, me and my husband had a conversation about what my limitations and boundaries were.

“I know where I am at and I am happy with the content that I do.

“I always compare it to the lads’ mags of the Nineties and Noughties — Maxim and FHM.

“I feel really comfortable with that and I don’t feel the need to push that boundary any further.

“What I find is when I get new followers who are expecting more provocative content I am very straight with people and go, ‘I don’t do that’.

“It is actually really respectful — unlike on other platforms.”