Saudi Arabia's plane lands with wing on fire

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia had a lucky escape when their official team plane landed following a fire on one of the plane’s wings.

Images on Twitter show that the Russian Airlines Arbus, which was on its way to Rostov for the team’s game against Uruguay on Wednesday, had caught light.

The Saudi Arabian football association gave a statement, saying: “The Saudi Football Federation wishes to reassure everyone about the safety of all members of the mission of the national team after a minor technical malfunction in an engine.

“The plane landed a few minutes ago at Rostov on Don Airport, and UNOMIG personnel are now safely heading to their residence.”

Nobody was hurt in the incident, despite the damage to the 12-year-old Russian Airlines Airbus A319-100.

The game against Uruguay will give Saudi Arabia a chance to move on from their 5-0 defeat to Uruguay on Thursday.