Scarlett Johansson Portrays Sen. Katie Britt in ‘SNL’ Spoof of Republican’s State of the Union Response

At no surprise, Saturday Night Live kicked off its latest show mocking the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

During the cold open, Mikey Day’s Biden initially shared some words with Congress, “Now tonight, I’m also gonna be talking about my predecessor, mainly because every time I say predecessor, Mike Johnson shakes his head like he just accidentally caught 30 seconds of the show Euphoria.”

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The comment was referencing Johnson, the House Speaker, who was seen shaking his head and rolling his eyes behind Biden throughout his speech on Thursday.

Day’s Biden later tossed to the Republican rebuttal, which came from Alabama Sen. Katie Britt this year. “Anyway, you know, I’d stay here and talk to you all more, but I saw a glimpse of the Republican senator’s response to my speech and I think she’s gonna help me more than anything else I can say,” he said, alluding to Britt’s speech being heavily criticized online, with some even comparing it to on SNL skit.

Scarlett Johansson proceeded to make a surprise appearance on the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday to portray Britt.

“My name is Katie Britt and I have the honor of serving the great people of Alabama,” Johansson’s Britt said. “But tonight I’ll be auditioning for the part of ‘Scary Mom.’ I’ll be performing an original monologue called ‘This Country is Hell.'”

She added, “You see, I’m not just a senator, I’m a wife, a mother and the craziest bitch in the Target parking lot, worried about the future of our children. And this is why I’ve invited you into this strange empty kitchen because Republicans want me to appeal to women voters, and women love kitchens.”

Johansson’s Britt continued to emphasize that she’s a mom and “like any mom, I’m going to do a pivot out of nowhere into a shockingly violent story about sex trafficking. Rest assured, every detail about it is real except the year, where it took place and who was president when it happened.”

At one point during Britt’s response on Thursday, she used a story about a sex trafficking victim to criticize the Biden administration’s border policies. But the story was misleading, as the person Britt referenced was never trafficked across the border, and the events happened years ago during George W. Bush’s presidency.

Johansson’s Britt later added in her speech, “Just ask yourself: are you better off today than you were four years ago, back in the good old days of 2020? The year that nothing bad happened.”

On the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, Josh Brolin returned to host for the third time with musical guest Ariana Grande.

To conclude his monologue, Brolin stripped down to his underwear to take a cold plunge onstage. “This is my third time hosting and man, there’s just nothing like it,” the actor said. “You know, I’ve been doing cold plunges for 20 years and the only thing that I can compare this show to is that.”

He continued, “Hosting is like jumping into an ice bath. It’s scary, it’s exhilarating, your penis is in your stomach, there’s just no way to prepare for it. So what you gotta do is just jump right in. Surrender to the discomfort.”

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