Scary Movie 5 is creeping up on us

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Scary Movie 5 is creeping up on us

by Michael Edwards

Last year there was the final 'Saw' film, this year we witnessed the rebirth of Ghostface in 'Scream 4', and now 'Final Destination 5'. And where these franchises go, there's no doubt another will follow. That's right, the horror spoof series 'Scary Movie'.

It made a movie star out of Anna Faris and launched a thousand imitators in the world of genre-spoofing, but the Wayans brothers' creation seemed to have long outstayed its welcome when 'Scary Movie 4' arrived with its recycled material and uninspired story.

However, with the apparent resurgence of old-school horror, the dollar-signs have returned to the studios eyes and the comedy brand that raked in £496 million at the global box office over the course of four films is about to be unleashed once more.

Horror site Bloody Disgusting reports that Dimension Films is looking to resurrect the spoof from the dead, and has hired Stephen Leff, John Aboud and Michael Colton (the men behind 'The Comebacks) to write the script.

They've also said that the series will look to bring back many of it's acting regulars. Anna Faris has yet to be mentioned, but Regina Hall, Kevin Hart and Anthony Anderson, who also turned up in 'Scream 4', just to emphasise his 'meta' credentials, have all received offers to return.

There's been no more talk of plot details, but after the reappearance of all the franchises 'Scary Movie' loved to mock you can bet that they'll feature heavily.

And for those doubters recalling all the other times that 'Scary Movie' has been rumoured for a return, Dimension have already announced a release date of 20 April 2012. How's that for throwing down the gauntlet?