Scream 6 teases the return of a long-dead character

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Does Scream 6 hint at surprise return?Paramount

Scream VI spoilers follow

It's hard to kill somebody in the Scream series, with numerous characters surviving multiple stab wounds. Even when you think they're dead, the series has started bringing them back (hi Kirby!).

So it's no surprise that long-time fans have always had their theories about who might come back. After Billy Loomis made his surprise return in Scream (albeit as a vision in the mind of his daughter Sam), talk intensified about Billy's Ghostface partner-in-crime Stu Macher.

Stu certainly seemed pretty dead in the first Scream movie, having been stabbed by Billy and then having had Sidney drop a TV on his head, among other injuries. But that hasn't stopped fans dreaming of a shock return, especially since an original plan for Scream 3 had him as the mastermind behind the latest killings.

And now Scream VI has leaned heavily into teasing fans over Stu's fate, which could open the door for a return. There are some minor spoilers for the new movie ahead, so don't read on if you haven't seen it yet.

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As teased in the trailers, the new Ghostface is a bit of a fan of the previous killers. They even have a whole shrine built to Ghostface, featuring all sorts of memorabilia and all nine Ghostface outfits to date.

Gale discovers its existence and takes Sam, Tara and co to go and see the shrine, hoping to find clues on who the new killer is. Among the treasures is the very same TV that was used to end Stu's Ghostface reign, something that Kirby notes to Mindy, who replies: "If you believe he's dead."

It's most likely just a knowing nod to the endless talk about Stu actually being alive, or it could be opening the door for a return in the next movie.

We'd be surprised if it was a total resurrection, but maybe Matthew Lillard will reprise the role in the same way Skeet Ulrich reprised his Billy role as a vision. Lillard provided one of the voices for the "for Wes" moment in 2022's requel, and has always been open to a return.

"There's nobody that wouldn't want to come back and reprise a role they got to do when they were a boy and be able to do something different as a man. You just don't get that opportunity often," he said in May 2020.

Even the filmmakers behind the new Scream movies aren't ruling things out, with co-director Tyler Gillett telling ET that "anything's possible" and producer Chad Villella adding: "He's also a fan-favourite, so maybe. Who knows?"

Creator Kevin Williamson even suggested a unique way for Stu to come back: "There's always that twin brother theory."

One thing's for sure, Lillard doesn't reprise his role as Stu in Scream 6, but it could well be that the movie's references to him – even on that subway map-inspired poster – tease something we can expect in future.

Surprise, Sidney!

Scream VI is out now in cinemas.

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