Scream's Jamie Kennedy rules out a return as Randy Meeks in the fifth movie

Photo credit: Miramax
Photo credit: Miramax

Scream actor Jamie Kennedy has rubbished the notion of him returning as Randy Meeks in next year's fifth movie.

Fans of the slasher franchise will of course be aware that his beloved nerd was brutally murdered in the 1997 sequel by Laurie Metcalf's vengeful Mrs Loomis, so how would that even be possible?

Well... stranger things have happened in cinema.

Photo credit: Dimension Films
Photo credit: Dimension Films

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"If I came back, it could bastardise it," Kennedy recently told ComicBook.

"But if there was a plausible way that wouldn't piss off the audience, it might be interesting to entertain. But, as of right now, I believe I'm deader than dead, and I think that's what makes it good is the fact that you are dead and that's why it's strong because you died.

"You were one of the good ones and maybe you shouldn't have went, but that's what life is. It's pain. Sometimes things happen, you can't explain. And that's why it resonates so much with people because of that."

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures/Spyglass Media Group
Photo credit: Paramount Pictures/Spyglass Media Group

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Meanwhile, the 51-year-old also weighed in on some of the popular fan theories concerning his character's miracle 'survival'.

"There's the 'Randy's going to come back because he masterminded it.' There's 'Randy never died because he knew he would get killed, so he got out before he did, but then he was rude to his friends by not helping them.'

"Then, he's maybe helping behind the scenes and there's 'he's got a twin brother,' then there's an alternate universe or there's 'Randy's going to be in the Stab series.' There's a ton of stuff that could happen, but those are all theories," Kennedy continued.

"I do think it's so impactful that he's dead and you want him, but maybe he comes back as Obi-Wan Kenobi in a weird avatar."

The new Scream movie will see the return of original stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Roger L Jackson, with original scriptwriter Kevin Williamson serving as executive producer.

Scream heads to cinemas on January 14, 2022.

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