Blade Runner's Sean Young: Ridley Scott has never forgiven me for not dating him

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Sean Young says she turned down Ridley Scott and he has never forgiven her. (Getty Images)
Sean Young says she turned down Ridley Scott and he has never forgiven her. (Getty Images)

Blade Runner star Sean Young has claimed Sir Ridley Scott has had a vendetta against her ever since she refused to date him.

The 61-year-old actress starred opposite Harrison Ford in the 1982 cult sci-fi movie and claims their aggressive love scene was orchestrated by director Sir Ridley as revenge because she had turned him down.

Young told The Daily Beast: "Well, honestly, Ridley wanted me to date him. He tried very hard in the beginning of the show to date him, and I never would. I was like, nah.

"And then he started dating the actress who played Zhora, Joanna Cassidy, and I felt relieved.

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"And then we do this scene, and I think it was Ridley. I think Ridley was like, 'f*** you.' I was thinking, 'Why did this have to be like that? What was the point of that?' and I think it was Ridley’s none-too-subtle message that he was getting even with me."

Harrison Ford and Sean Young on the set of
Harrison Ford and Sean Young on the set of Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott. (Getty Images)

The star of Wall Street and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective said the 83-year-old director never forgave her and never worked with her again – and complained that her appearance in 2017 sequel Blade Runner 2049 was just a 30-second cameo as a hologram.

Young said: "I don’t think [he took rejection well], no. He never hired me again, and that was weird. What the f***? You hire Russell Crowe a gazillion times and you’re not gonna hire me again? And I was very nice to Ridley over the years. I never badmouthed him. It didn’t occur to me until later that I guess I’d offended him."

Director Sir Ridley Scott, left, and actor Harrison Ford pose together following a hand and footprint ceremony for Scott at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 in Los Angeles. Scott directed Ford in the classic 1982 science fiction film
Sir Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford in 2017. (AP)

Speaking about her appearance in Blade Runner 2049, which was not directed by Sir Ridley, Young said: "Wasn’t that so full of s***? And there was nothing I could do about it.

"It was very clear that they knew that the audience would be upset that I wasn’t in it, but they didn’t want me to b**** about that publicly. So, they paid me some money, made me sign a non-disclosure agreement, and gave me 30 seconds. And I was like, fine. They did give my son Quinn a job on 2049 in visual arts, and I said all was forgiven."

When Blade Runner was filming Sir Ridley was married to his second wife Sandy Watson.

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Young also called director Oliver Stone a "b******" and claimed he fired her in the middle of filming Wall Street for standing up to him.

Young said: "I went to the trailer, got my stuff, and then they told me to get in this car. And this driver, who I thought was going to take me back to Manhattan, drops me off at the bus station.

"I just thought, 'OK. If this is how you get your rocks off.'"

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