Second Home Invasion For Keanu Reeves... And This One Was Nude


Keanu Reeves was broken into for a second time in as many days, with the latest intruder taking a nude swim in his pool, it's emerged.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the woman walked past cleaning staff at Reeves’ LA home, who had left the house’s front gate open.

She then reportedly proceeded to strip down, take a shower and then a skinny-dip  in his pool, at which point the cleaners picked up on the irregularity.

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They called Reeves, who was not at home at the time, who then phoned the police.

This would all be easily strange enough on its own, but for the fact that another woman had broken into his house a day earlier.

Last week it emerged that an unidentified woman had sneaked into his house at 4am.


She had pitched herself up in his library when he discovered her, at which point he’s said to have calmly conversed with her while he called the police.

Both the women were taken for mental evaluation’, according to reports.

They do know he knows kung-fu, right?

It follows the alarming case of Reeves’ ‘Speed’ co-star Sandra Bullock from earlier this year.

She was confronted by Joshua Corbett in her LA home, who it emerged had become obsessed by the ‘Gravity’ actress.

Guns were later found at his home.

Image credit: Getty/Warner Bros

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