Secret Cinema announces ‘Blade Runner’ Event To Celebrate 10th Anniversary

Secret Cinema has announced plans for its tenth anniversary year, revealing that it’ll be launching a ‘Blade Runner: The Final Cut’ live experience.

Tickets (priced from £45) go on sale on Thursday 1 February, with the shows taking pace from Wednesday 21 March until June.

There will be over 60 shows - meaning there’s a high chance you will be able to nab a ticket - and the event will take place at an undisclosed London location, that is revealed to attendees on the night.

As is always the case with Secret Cinema, each cinema-goer will be assigned a character to dress as shortly after purchasing their tickets.

In previous years, the Secret Cinema team have brought films including ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Back To Future’ to life, immersing fans in the cinematic universes and fusing together film, music and theatre.

In 2017, their ‘Moulin Rouge’ experience was a huge hit with fans and critics, who were transported back to Montmartre and offered Parisian food and drinks.

To get a real feel for just how immersive the events are, here’s what the WhatsOnStage critic got up to there: “My companion and I are a pair of fashion designers whose sole aim is to get the beautiful temptress Jane Avril to model our designs.

“But as creatures of the underworld we’re given just 20 francs and our prime mission soon becomes to earn more money - at any cost.

“We begin by playing cards with a gang of hustlers and promptly triple our money. Before we know it we’re racketeers charging people to get into a bar and holding a strip show for a gang of dukes - we amass a small fortune within the hour.”

See what we mean?

Find out more information about Secret Cinema: Blade Runner here.