The Secret to Making the Most Luxurious Bed, According to Designer Shea McGee

Plus, everything you need to know about her new book.

<p>Frazer Harrison/Getty Images</p>

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Out September 12, 2023—and currently available for preorder—interior designer and HGTV star Shea McGee’s new book The Art of Home: A Designer Guide to Creating an Elevated Yet Approachable Home is a must-have, not only for the designer’s fans but for anyone trying to design a home. From living rooms to entryways to utility spaces, any space becomes easier to decorate with the help of this beautiful book.

One of the most interesting chapters is about how to create and design a bed that’s equally comfortable and stylish. The process isn’t too difficult and a little bit of effort can go a long way when it comes to having a stylish bedroom. Here are the designer's six steps to a perfectly made bed.

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<p>Studio McGee / Photography by Lucy Call</p>

Studio McGee / Photography by Lucy Call

Step One: Start With Quality Sheeting

According to McGee, the first thing you should do when styling your bed is to start with a good base. That means proper bedding. In terms of sheets, she doesn’t recommend a particular brand. Rather, she explains, “Crisp, soft, or textural linen—sheets should be based on client preference rather than style. A classic sheet pairs well with anything layered on top.”

You can’t go wrong with a minimalist white bedding set in just about any bedroom.

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Step Two: Layer With a Luxurious Duvet

While many of us are under the impression that duvets and sheets must be matching sets, according to McGee, that isn’t true. “Duvet covers do not need to match the sheets; rather, they need to coordinate.”

In terms of styling, she suggests folding duvets once or twice to give it a fluffy look, similar to a hotel.

Step Three: Fold in Coverlets or Quilts

Accessorizing your bed is the key to making it special. “There are many ways to style a bed, but I usually place a quilt under the duvet or a coverlet on top. You can use one or both depending on the location of the home and how much additional warmth is needed,” says the designer. “In homes with consistently warm temperatures, I will forgo this layer altogether. I also make these decisions based on what color or pattern I want most prominent in the design scheme.”

Step Four: Add Pillows and Shams

McGee likes to use two sleeping pillows and two shams that fit the length of the bed. “I stack or prop them against the headboard depending on the look I’m chasing. Typically, I match the sleeping pillows to the sheets and the shams to the duvet, but there is no hard rule here, and it’s fun to mix it up.”

Step Five: Bring Dimension With Decorative Pillows

Using decorative pillows is fun and can be a great way to experiment and mix things up. “Whether it’s a stacked-pyramid look or a simple long lumbar, adding throw pillows brings more dimension by introducing texture, pattern, and color,” notes the HGTV star.

Step Six: Complete the Look With a Soft Throw

Finally, add a throw. Think of this accessory as the cherry on top. “Lastly, adding a throw to the end of a bed adds an extra hint of texture and functionality for cooler nights or midday naps. The draped effect also lends a more lived-in aesthetic.”

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