Security camera captures 4-year-old’s case of the ‘Monday blues’

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Sometimes you just don’t want to go to school. That feeling might be best captured by this 4-year-old’s gentle tantrum.

Redditors discussed the viral video in the “Aww” forum. The description said the student, Landry King from Andover, Kan., had a case of “the Monday blues.” In the footage, Landry quite creatively protested having to go to preschool.

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Security cameras captured the little boy leaving his driveway to catch the school bus. But just as he was getting closer to the vehicle, he plopped down on the ground.

The 4-year-old planted himself on the cement until finally, the bus assistant came out and got him. The boy didn’t put up a fight but avoiding school is always a losing battle when you’re a kid.

“Please tell the bus assistant for the Prairie Creek preschool run thank you for being so patient with my 4-year-old who had a severe case of the Mondays today,” his mother, Missi King, told KWCH. “I think we all feel like him on Mondays.”

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Landry explained to KWCH exactly why he was feeling overwhelmed that day.

“I just had to put on my mask, so I did like this and got so tired I laid down and dropped,” Landry told KWCH.

Redditors empathized with the kid. There isn’t anyone who can’t relate to not feeling up for something mandatory.

“Everyone acts like it’s so easy to be a kid. Do you remember being on a bus at 7am?” a user commented.

“Back in my day, the bus driver would have left us behind,” someone joked.

“Being a kid sucks, you have to wake up at 6 AM, there’s homework and you have no rights,” another wrote.

“That feeling never goes away. You just get better at coping with it,” a person said.

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