See the moment a young boy's heart was broken by cruel fan

Make no mistake: young cubs will always be fiercely protected by the pack, even when it comes to baseball.

When a greedy adult robbed one tiny supporter of a day to remember by nicking a ball thrown straight to him, the pride quickly rallied around.

Chicago Cubs’ Javier Baez saved the day for one heartbroken youngster after they saw off St Louis Cardinals.

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During the bottom of the fourth inning, Cubs first base coach Will Venable tossed a ball into the stands into his direction.

Unaware of the treat coming his way, he didn’t quite react fast enough and his momento slipped under his seat.

He turned around to collect the ball but to his horror a selfish supporter played a game of finders keepers with the kid, who looked no older than six or seven.

But thanks to the social media age we live in, justice was soon done.

Not only was the adult day-wrecker shamed for his childish behaviour thanks to eagle-eyed fans on twitter.

But Cubs’ Puerto Rican star Baez make sure the youngster didn’t miss out – and he signed one for him as well.

Not only that, but the boy won’t need to pop to the Cubs’ clubshop for a while to stock up as he gave him an extra one to play with at home.

The Cubs went on to defeat the St Louis Cardinals 7-2.