How see How They Run director avoided spoiling The Mousetrap

See How They Run director Tom George has reassured Agatha Christie fans that he and the team around the movie have been very careful to avoid spoiling Christie's play .

West End audiences have been told to keep the ending of the murder-mystery play to themselves ever since it was first staged way back in 1952 — making it the longest-running continuous production in history. George's film, penned by British comedy veteran Mark Chappell, follows police officers played by Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan as they investigate a death at the theatre where the play is being performed.

See How They Run is in UK cinemas from 9 September.

Video transcript

- Given how huge and how long running "The Mousetrap" is, was there any fear about including that, a fear of ruining this institution?

TOM GEORGE: Well, we were very careful to make sure that we weren't revealing the most closely guarded secret, which like their sort of ending. And, although, it's rooted in many ways, the plot is sort of centers around "The Mousetrap." I think the film's connections and references go beyond that and into murder mysteries more generally, but also into the world of cinema and the difference between Hollywood cinema, and European cinema, and, and film noir. And, hopefully, all that stuff is adds to the richness of the piece.

- I like to imagine that whenever anyone even says "The Mousetrap," there's a sniper from the Agatha Christie estate just watching.

TOM GEORGE: Yeah, it probably is to be fair. No, they--

- They're probably in this room now.

TOM GEORGE: --they read the script, and, I think, could see-- or hope-- that it was all intended with affection. And, yeah, so-- and that was the place that we were coming from with it.