See How They Run star and director chat about the best whodunnits

See How They Run star Charlie Cooper believes there's something about the murder-mystery genre which is "part of our make-up" and revealed an eclectic selection of whodunnit favourites.

See How They Run will arrive in UK cinemas on 9 September.

Video transcript

- Do you have a favorite, like whodunit, yourself that you really enjoy?

- I mean, I love "Midsomer Murders" just because again, that's such a childhood thing. And-- And Jonathan Creek, although that wasn't a classic, murder mystery. It was always sort of mysteries, occasionally a murder. And-- But more recently, I mean Hot Fuzz was a great example of--

- Yes.

- Doing it as a comedy. And it gives it such a fresh perspective and a fresh angle. So it's really fun like that.

- I guess Jonathan Creek is the same in that respect, right?

- That's funny moments in that. That's true, actually. Because you've still got the suspense and the drama of a straightforward murder mystery. But you can definitely have funny moments because murder and laughter are quite closely linked, right?

- Hot Fuzz is such a great example. Because it's so-- it's like five different genres.

- Totally. [INAUDIBLE] just-- again with this, it ticks every box, isn't it? It's sort of everything I would want to see in a film, I suppose.

- I think what was interesting is like I wouldn't count myself as like a huge whodunit fan prior to making this film. But what I realized through making it is how deeply it's like a deeply understand whodunit. How we're exposed to them, particularly in this country, I think. And aware of how they function even if you're not the biggest fan of a whodunit. So it was always my aim that it be a film for people who love a whodunit, but also for people who wouldn't usually go and see one.