See Zendaya’s Tennis-Themed Dress From the 'Challengers' Premiere

Zendaya and Law Roach sure know how to dress on-theme for a red carpet. After Zendaya’s sci-fi couture looks throughout her Dune: Part II press tour, the inimitable style duo is now demonstrating how tennis style can go glam for Challengers.

Zendaya attended the first premiere for the movie in Sydney, where she wore a custom Loewe gown in a shimmery shade of green with a high leg slit and a tennis player depicted on the skirt. A tennis ball cut-out was part of the dress’ bodice. Her now honey-blonde hair was styled in an updo.

zendaya at the challengers australian premiere
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zendaya at the challengers premiere
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zendaya at the challengers premiere
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zendaya at the challengers sydney premiere
James Gourley

Zendaya spoke to ELLE over the summer about taking on the role of the femme fatale Tashi in the film.

“I felt like it was a good step into a more, I guess you could say, ‘grown-up’ role and into that next phase,” Zendaya said. “It was a little scary to take on, which I think is a good feeling. To be like, ‘Ooh, can I do this?’ You could run from that feeling and stay safe and comfortable, or you can go, ‘You know what, fuck it.’”

Even post-filming, Zendaya said, “I still don’t understand the decisions she makes, and we had so many conversations about why she is that way. What was important to me was that she was unapologetic. Sometimes characters who are messy and conflicted and wield power over other people are reserved for [actors] who don’t look like me, so when I get an opportunity to play a character like that, I’ma take it!”

She also opened up about her relationship with Roach, her creative director and longtime stylist. “I ride super hard for my team, especially for people I love,” she shared. “He’s involved in every fashion contract, everything I do. If I have an opportunity where he can come with me, he’s always going to be there. He’s always been my creative director in a sense, and he continues to fill that role, because it’s more than just clothes on a red carpet.”

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