Sega fans aren't sold on 'weird' first look at the new animated 'Sonic The Hedgehog'

Ben Arnold
Sonic (Credit: Sega)

So, we’ve got our first idea of how Sonic The Hedgehog will look in the planned animated movie of the Sega video game classic.

And so far… it’s not gone down massively well.

A motion poster has been released, and yep, it’s kind of weird. Weird that Sonic has knees, weird that he looks weirdly human and muscular, and weird that he’s not wearing his white gloves.

Fans have noted all of these things.

And while the internet can be a mean place, it’s genuinely tricky to find anyone who’s fully on board with Sonic’s new humanoid vibe.

The movie is set to arrive this time next year, with Parks and Recreation star Ben Schwartz voicing Sonic opposite Westworld’s James Marsden and Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik.

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