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The 17 best self-care gifts for anyone who needs a visit from the TLC fairy

Self-care isn’t selfish — and everyone needs to remember that! Luckily, the holiday season is the best time to think about the best self-care gifts you can give as a helpful reminder. After all, everybody loves a gift that’s all about pampering and relaxation.

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It’s important to note that there are many different ways to practice self-care. Self-care can look like anything and everything — not just Instagram’s aesthetic version of self-care with face masks and spa days. Sometimes self-care is simply setting boundaries or opening a window!

TL; DR: Self-care is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and it’s not always easy.

However, for some people, that’s a cozy robe, and for others, that’s taking a moment for skin care with a pair of eye masks. Maybe you just want to let your bestie know that you’re thinking of them, wherever they are, with a friendship lamp or flower subscription. The best way to choose the right self-care gift is to think about what could be causing their stress and how you can help alleviate it with a gift.

To take the gift shopping off of your shoulders (that’s not self-care!), we rounded up a ton of editor-approved self-care gifts for both you and your loved ones. Yes, you too!

Everyone deserves a really, really, really good body lotion. And the Nécessaire body lotion is really, really, really good.

$28 at Nécessaire
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$20 at Sephora

Sure, a self-care weekly tracker is a little on the nose — but that's precisely why it's a great self-care gift. This notepad from Amazon breaks self-care goals down into small, doable chunks.

$11 at Amazon

If they struggle with drinking enough water throughout the day, a Stanley Tumbler is a fun and trendy way to help them reach their goal. A hydrated body and soul is a happy body and soul!

$45 at Stanley

A great way to practice self-care is to take back your time. For example, sending your laundry out to be washed, getting a cleaning service for your apartment and taking advantage of pre-prepared meal kits. A Blue Apron meal kit gives them a recipe with everything they need for a restaurant-worthy meal.

See pricing at Blue Apron

Yes, satin and silk pillowcases have a ton of beauty benefits, but they also just look and feel fancy. The fabric is luxuriously smooth and feels cool against the face. This is such a thoughtful gift for anyone to receive because quality beauty sleep is important.

$10 at Amazon

Of course, the above tea sampler isn't complete without a cute mug to go with it. This happy monogram mug from Anthropologie is just the epitome of joy.

$14 at Anthropologie

For just five minutes per day (hence the name), they’ll be able to carve out some quality time with themselves for gratitude, introspection and mindfulness.

$28 at Amazon

Wearing a matching set of pajamas is such a mood booster. This popular set from Nordstrom is so cute, stretchy and cozy that you'll want to buy it for everyone you know.

$75 at Nordstrom

You know that unreal feeling when you put a fresh bouquet in your home? The fun thing is that you can also literally gift that feeling. With an Urban Stems flower subscription, they'll receive fresh bouquets at their door weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Choose between three different subscription plans: Classic ($55 per delivery), Seasonal ($75 per delivery) and Luxe ($105 per delivery). UrbanStems also has a wide variety of single bouquets if that's more your vibe!

$55 at Urban Stems

Even though they probably don't live in a spa, by gifting them these eucalyptus shower steamers, you're giving them the glorious opportunity to pretend they do.

$20 at Amazon

Giving the gift of a portable charger eliminates the intense stress that comes with a very low, very red battery. This one is purple and sleek and absolutely perfect.

$25 at Amazon

Yes, gifting a robe is basic. However, it's basic for a reason. Everybody — and I mean everybody — loves to snuggle up with a good robe. This one from Nordstrom Rack is currently 27% off and comes in a variety of colors, including the above pink, gray, black, ivory and more.

$40 at Nordstrom Rack

While beauty products are usually a win when it comes to self-care gifts, you never really know how someone’s skin will react to the formula. Enter the Forever Eye Mask. The user will pair these reusable eye masks with the serum, gels, and moisturizers they already know and love.

$25 at Dieux

The idea of a friendship lamp is simple: No matter where you are, you and your friend, loved one, relative, or whomever can stay connected with this set of interactive lamps. Just turn the light on, and it will immediately connect with the other lamp, no matter how far away. By gifting them this, you're basically saying that your love is just a touch away.

$135 at Amazon

This best-selling vibrator has three versatile and simple-to-use settings, making it the perfect gift. The 100% platinum-grade silicone device comes with a cute canvas travel pouch and lock. Also, it's kind of chic.

"I have had this a few months and let me tell you this a game changer and a great toy to have in your collection," wrote one 5-star review from a Sephora shopper. "The battery life is good, I have only charged it twice since I have had it."

$49 at maude
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$49 at Sephora

As annoying as the saying is, "look good, feel good" is accurate. Even a single swipe of neutral lipstick on a bad day can make anyone feel more alive. This one from MERIT is great because it's both long-lasting and pigmented while still hydrating and weightless.

$26 at MERIT

Yes, this is a children's plush toy, but hear me out. There's really nothing like tightly hugging a cozy and soft stuffed animal and letting out a deep breath for those anxious and overwhelming days. And this bunny rabbit is so huggable.

$13 at Walmart

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